Porcelain Veneers and Laminates | Parkview Dental

Get a brighter, more even smile with our laminates and porcelain veneers. These thin layers of porcelain or resin are placed over and bonded to an existing tooth — usually without the dentist having to remove much (or any) of the existing tooth structure.


Veneers have a lot of benefits: Beyond their ability to give your teeth a whiter look, they can also help you replace or restore lost tooth structure due to chips and breaks. Veneers can also help close gaps between your teeth, make crooked teeth look straighter, or cover teeth that are too discolored or stained for whitening procedures to have enough of an effect.

Veneers can also strengthen the teeth they are bonded to, giving them more functionality as well as an improved appearance. Once the veneer is applied, it functions just like a part of the natural tooth. These veneers are stain-resistant and can last for years!

Because veneers are made from such thin material and require little or no tooth material to be removed before they are applied, veneers are a relatively non-invasive and conservative cosmetic dentistry option.

Whether your teeth need just a little correction or you want to dramatically transform your smile, ask your dentist how veneers and laminates can help give you the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted.



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